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When you have to go to the dentist?

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most Likely, you will not find many people who suffer, for example from pain. This is of course, if you're going to talk about mentally healthy people. "Normal" people will bypass the aggressive dog will not touch the hot kettle and to kill a wasp with his hand. And all for the reason that pain brings joy.

But this rule somehow does not always work, when it comes to visiting the dentist. Think about it: when the majority of people are turning to this doctor? This happens in 2 cases-when required, any routine inspection or when a person experiences severe toothache. So spicy that even can't sleep. And it is worth noting that some people cancel their visit to the dentist as soon as the pain goes away (it happens that it happens even on the threshold of the dental clinic). You ask: "Why is this happening?". Answer this question MARPOL V. V. - chief doctor of the Moscow "Alexandria" that moskvoreche.

the Answer is banal and at the same time, a paradoxical – people don't like to visit the dentist, and many even fear. A logical question arises: "What can you fear?". The answer is simple - drill. There will not argue, 10 years ago, this procedure was really very unpleasant. Today, technology has leaped forward and dental procedures are virtually painless.


When to go to the dentist?

Maybe when people will see or feel the tooth with a hole? But why bring this up? The problem still lies in the fact that if you felt the language of the hole in the tooth, then most likely, this means that the inside of the tooth formed a very large cavity!

From this it follows that the correct approach is regular visits to the dentist (routine inspection), at least 1 time in 6 months. Some people find these exams more stress, but it is not so. With regular checkups, have the chance to see tooth decay at a very early stage and do minimal intervention. In other words, drilling the tooth will be slightly and it will remain functioning. Also, it may be that when you visit the dentist will tell you that with your teeth all in order and drilling do not have to.

to Visit the doctor, must in that case if people feel even min the pain and no matter what: hot (cold) beverage, or just. It may well be that the cause of pain is not a violation of the integrity of the tooth, and something else. If, however, the cause of the pain is in the tooth, then early treatment will help you eliminate the pain and its cause. If the cause of the pain is not in tooth, then the dentist will advise you to what doctor it is better to apply.

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