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Choose an oven to cook the pizza

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Now pizza ceased to be purely Italian national dish - you can try it in any corner of the world. But that it is crisp, aroma and taste corresponded to the Italian example, it is necessary to choose a quality and have people wanting to open his own pizzeria, a logical question arises: "How to do it?". This is not difficult, it is important to know some of the nuances and the equipment fast enough will pay for itself.


pizza Oven are:

  • bottom;
  • conveyor;
  • wood.

Hearth of the furnace is often used in pizzerias and small restaurants. This equipment gives the opportunity to simultaneously cook 4 to 12 pizzas. These devices are compact enough to save your resources and time (the pizza takes about 10 minutes).

Conveyor furnaces used for medium and large enterprises. This equipment makes it possible to prepare simultaneously 12 - 20 pizzas. Such devices are electric and gas.

Wood ovens are a classic (Pompeian) version of pizza.


Select the pizza oven: tips

when you purchase a pizza oven experts recommend to allocate the following features:

  • temperature range and power thermostat;
  • the dimensions of the hearth;
  • number of cameras (that is how many pizzas you will be able to bake);
  • is there a window to monitor cooking;
  • the material from which made the working chamber of the furnace.

In the electric furnace it is necessary to consider 1-in a fairly important factor – sensors heating. So, the pizza oven must be equipped with 2 sensors (1 – for the bottom heating elements and 1 – for the top). In addition, in a furnace for pissy also set 2-VA thermostat. They cannot be controlled directly via the control panel, but directly they give the ability to set max or min temperature within the working chamber. It is very important that the temperature of upper heat flux was 2-VA times less than the temperature of the lower. If this rule is violated, then the pizza will get burnt top or soft bottom.

in Order to choose a pizza oven that will last you many years, it is necessary to choose a model where the panel bodies of automatics placed in an insulated box outside, and not inside the oven. This, in turn, will protect the circuits and sensors from overheating.

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