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What is a cochlear implant?

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According to statistics, for every 1000 newborns have a 1-in a totally deaf child, and in the 1st 2-VA - 3 years of life 3-ri child lose their hearing. For these dry figures there is a huge human tragedy, as the closest in the world man you will never hear birds singing, music and normal speech. That is why simply impossible to convey in words the parent of despair. And so it was until recently. Today is salvation - a cochlear implantation, which can be used to restore hearing.


What is it?

a Lot of parents zadayutsya question: "How to restore hearing to your child?". But then you need to understand that in the event of damage to the greater part of the cochlear receptors to the deaf will not be able to help even the most new hearing AIDS because people only hear low frequency sounds at high and medium volume, but the quiet or high pitched sounds he is unavailable and, as a result, the speech sounds illegibly. In this situation, to learn to understand speech and to speak - the child simply can not. To help people in such circumstances can only this surgery to improve hearing, like cochlear implants, which use high-tech hearing implant, which is aimed directly at the hearing. By the way, high-quality treatment of hearing loss offers the Polish centre for rehabilitation of hearing "Medicus": .


When you might need the device for your hearing?

of Course, to achieve excellent results in the rehabilitation of a deaf child you can also in case of early prosthetics with the use of ordinary hearing AIDS, surdopedagogics using different techniques. But the cochlear implant opens up completely new possibilities – the child can perceive sound frequencies such that with an ordinary hearing aid to hear is simply impossible.

today, due to improvements in cochlear implant devices and techniques has expanded the range of potential patients. So, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and related visual disturbances are no longer an obstacle to the operation. In that case, if a conventional hearing aid to a child (with borderline hearing loss (75 to 90 dB)) does not help, he carried out a cochlear implant.

the Operation is often carried out starting from the 1st of the year, although it can be earlier. Patients who lost hearing in the 1st year of life or with birth defects up to 3 years old can already be achieved. Have older children decide this issue, given the medical and psychological indicators. In adults, the decision to accept cochlear implantation considering the patient's condition.

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