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What furniture is the most popular?

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What furniture is now most demanded? Some people will say - solid wood furniture, others from MDF, others made of chipboard. But anyway, no matter what material is made of furniture - its price should always match the quality. But the disparity between the quality and price, any thing, without exception, will have less demand. By the way, to buy quality .

There is, in principle, the choice is obvious: if you have enough money, then, of course, will choose the most expensive thing. Of course, you need to consider a few similar options (from the 1st and the same price category) because it is impossible to compare 2-ve things will be completely different in style.


Price vs quality

  • Take, for example, classic chair, standing in 2 VA times more costly than a table made of metal, demand for which is worse. This doesn't mean that it is very expensive. Maybe it's just that this chair is not suitable, most of the clients in style. Here all depends on taste, but there is also a technical point which concerns the quality of products;
  • Or, for example, a person looking ahrmny dining table. He came to the furniture showroom and the salesman offers him a choice of 3 options: the table is made of pine with cheap fittings, cheap is covered with varnish, with a low build quality for 2000 UAH, the table is made of birch with medium quality varnish, good furniture, high quality Assembly for 3000 UAH beech table with good furniture, high quality varnish, made on the newest equipment for 6000 UAH. In this case, there is a huge difference in price. But to compare these products makes sense only if they fit the buyer's style. In that case, if all the tables have the appropriate style, then the choice is obvious: the vast majority of clients will buy a table for 6000 UAH even if they subsequently do not have funds to purchase chairs for him. From this we can conclude the following: in accordance with the quality and price to each other, it is the quality plays a major role, not the price.


Surely, the above can be challenged, since there are still a huge number of unregistered above factors. And it is unlikely that the buyer will offer a choice of furniture which has a huge difference in the ratio "price-quality". Moreover, no one will tell you the truth about their product if it is defective, all sellers will talk about their product purely in a positive direction. Therefore, our case is very rare, however the fact remains - high quality furniture used before, is now and will be in great demand in the future.

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