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Drug Methotrexate: use of

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the Quantity of cancer in the world is growing from year to year. That is why in the scientific community there has been a continuing search for drugs and methods to effectively counter this threat. One of the most common approaches to the treatment of cancer is chemotherapy, which used different drugs that affect the reproduction of malignant cells. One of the brightest representatives of this group is methotrexate - active folic acid antagonist. .


Antimetabolites, biochemistry, drugs...

For the common man, far from General medicine, and biochemistry, and even more so, these terms are sort of seal behind the seven locks. When a panic looking for a straw that you need to grasp to be saved from the cancer of the mire paid little attention to science and its language. However, at least superficially to understand them, otherwise you will not understand what you are trying to treat. So, in order:

  • first methotrexate is a cytostatic drug. This group of anticancer agents, the main task of which is the violation of the mechanisms of cell development. It should be pointed out that under the impact of the fall of both healthy and cancer cells;
  • second, the antitumor effect is achieved through the oppression of exchange processes with the participation of folic acid. It should be noted that this vitamin is critical for the organism as a whole, because thanks to it becomes possible the growth and division of cells, including malignant and;
  • thirdly, the drug has a pronounced immunosuppressive activity, more efficiently than other means suppresses the immune system.

If you perform all of the above and do not go particularly farmacologia, the action of methotrexate is aimed at the oppression of the mechanisms of reproduction of tumor cells and start the process of self-destruction (apoptosis).



In most cases, the drug is indicated as a component of a chemotherapy unit in such diseases as:

  • Oncology (cancer of the uterus, limfosistemy, Central nervous system, lungs, stomach, sarcoma, lymphoma);
  • the
  • Psoriasis refractory type;
  • the
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  •  gastrointestinal Disease of inflammatory nature.

Given the pharmacokinetics, Methotrexate can be used (of course in normal dosage) for the treatment of some autoimmune diseases. Contraindications to the use can become a history of pronounced immunodeficiency, renal failure, allergic reactions, anemia, etc.

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