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Belarus, which still retains the features of the Soviet state, and remained faithful to the traditions of the previous model of health. But Cluechevye elements Semashko system, which in other former Soviet republics dump all their flaws and problems, did not prevent the Belarusians to optimize public health and make it a model for others. In many respects, it differs markedly from the neighbors in the CIS: the highest level of government spending (up to 5% of GDP), the activnoe technical re-equipment industry decline to the level of developed countries in the world in infant mortality, wide immunization coverage, superiority in the number of transplants etc. At the time, President Alexander Lukashenko said that the Belarusian medicine will be among the world's top models and - is not expensive, and most importantly very effectiveo. Official Minsk dreams of laurels second Geneva. And why not for such zeal?

Over the last 5 years of medicine Belarus has made a significant step forward - here are used high-tech and sophisticated methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Increased number of modern cardiac surgery - the first half ofIn 2011 they were made 3500. Over 50% of them are not carried out in the capital and in regional centers. Pediatric cardiac surgery also boasts world-class operations - abroad for treatment of Belarusian children almost do not send.
It was possible to achieve considerable success in the treatment of cancer pathology in children - survival of patients wasyaet 74%. Belarus is becoming a beacon of transplantation in the CIS - only 5 months of last year there done 120 transplants, of which: 20 - liver, 86 - kidneys, 14 - the heart. Kidney transplants have already undertaken and in some regional hospitals. In 2011, the Belarusian doctors carried out 159 transplants of stem cells. Belarusachieved the best results among all the countries of Eastern Europe to reduce infant mortality - a significant role in this belongs to a network of perinatal centers, training in the best clinics in Europe, as well as the rational use of unique expensive equipment. Tightened his skills and district hospitals - loychas based on them carry out operations that were previously available only at the national or regional level.

The high skill level of employees « emergency » medical care is evidenced by the fact that only 16% of calls completed hospitalization teams - experts in their field provide timelytion and quality care « at home & raquo ;. Although skeptics interpret these statistics differently, they say, the population is « ambulance when necessary and when it is not necessary. However, the hospitalization rate in Belarus is very high - 26 hospitalizations per 100 inhabitants. And hospital beds per capita in Belarus morethan in other CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe. Generally Belarusians - among those who often go to the doctor (only in the Ministry of Health record 12 physician visits per year per 1 inhabitant).

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