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Eyelash at home

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All women dream of thick long lashes. Eyes are framed by fluffy eyelashes is very temptingand expressive. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired effect of the fair sex are on the various experiments. Global manufacturers in this area decided to please women and came up with a unique technology eyelash. Of course, the procedure
better to do a qualified professional in the beauty salon, then the resultwill be stunning.

But what do you do when the funds do not give the opportunity to visit the wizard, and have eyes with beautiful lashes well, very much want? The alternative in this case would be - independent eyelash.

What you need for self eyelash?

For the home you buildneed to buy a special hypoallergenic adhesive and, in fact, a set of eyelashes (individual or bundles). Such sets of eyelashes sold in almost every mall. You will in any case do not buy low quality cheap materials. All this can result in far better for your eyes.

How is incrementedprocessing with eyelashes at home?

Eyelash extensions - it is a painstaking job that requires a lot of time. To begin with, by means of a low-fat on the basis you need to remove make-up with age.

Also, you need to pre-select: length, color and shape of the eyelashes. Fortunately, the choice today is rich enough. If the govorit of the material from which made the eyelashes, the eyelashes are distinguished from natural or synthetic fibers. 1st option is more expensive, but it makes it possible to prevent yourself from an allergic reaction.

As for the artificial eyelashes, they are using a special forceps need to stick to the bottom of your eyelashes (tweezers included). Artificial eyelashes glued directly on the eyelid skin is impossible. Clay is either black or colorless, which, in turn, creates the effect of eyeliner.
Hang artificial eyelashes better outside (top) of natural lashes, or between the lashes (the side of the natural eyelashes).

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