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Benign tumors

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the tumor can be called any neoplasm. The term is often applied to the anomalousNome tissue growth. Tumors can be benign or malignant.

Benign tumors arise through a metabolic disorder, to be precise - of cellular metabolism.
Cellular metabolism of the body is approximately 42 - 43 days, ie 42 th - 43 th day of the most recent old cell organism otmirayaand a vivoditsya of our body, and the latest new cell in a given period is formed and begins to develop.

What happens when this process is disrupted? Old cells do not die and are not derived from our body, and continue to grow. At this time, developing a benign tumor.

Often the treatment dobrokachGOVERNMENTAL tumors using hormones. But these drugs do not help, but rather contribute to the degeneration of benign to malignant.

Continuing its development and growth, the tumor cells over time penetrate the membrane of healthy cells which are next door and kill them, but at the none nAllows them to get out of the body, and provoke their growth.

In the present treatment of tumors used difficult and dangerous drugs. There are various methods for the treatment of tumors of various organs:

  • surgery - or malignant;
  • chemistrycal (chemotherapy) - the use of powerful chemical. drugs;
  • radiation - radiation all ogranizma or the affected organ.

All of these methods are very effective at different stages of the disease, as the 1st and 2.3 and 4th. Popular now unconventional treatment of tumors (advodnymi methods, and so on. d.) can lead to serious complications and even death, which is why a timely appeal to the oncologist can guarantee a positive outcome of the treatment or prolongation of life.

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