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Grass fireweed

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< p style = "text-align: left;"> avid nature lovers and cottagers likely familiar with this plant, in July-August fills all districts. This plant is unpretentious and poetCB grows almost everywhere, and delights us with its bright pink flowers. You probably already realized that we are talking about the willow-tea. Next, we'll tell you about the properties of fireweed.

Ivan tea - is a perennial plant that has been known for more than 6000 thousand years (it is also called: miller, Cyprus, Bread, flax and others.). It is used as aa tea, or for the manufacture thereof: ropes, fabrics, it is also added to foods (cakes). But always particularly valued the healing properties of plants. at any drugstore or online at:

Properties fireweed

The researchers conducted the study as a result of which they discovered that the grass andVan tea contains several times more vitamin C than the rose. In addition tea contains Ivan alkaloids, tannin, sugar, pectin, flavonoids and others. Components. Dannya herb is also the source of these trace elements: boron, iron, zinc, molybdenum, manganese, copper, nickel, titanium. This set makes fireweed great tool for the regulation ofexchange processes in the body.

Ivan tea has a very diverse healing properties. In 1st place - this plant is strong enough anti-inflammatory agent and remedy for heart disease. Frequent colds and a weakened immune system also perfectly treated using willow-herb (especially valuable prophylaxis with ASIClzovaniem concoctions fireweed).

The plant contains vitamin B, and protein content fireweed almost loses legumes. These properties of willow-herb used in the treatment and strengthening blood vessels. The plant also contains a large amount of vitamin A.

Also, fireweed is as invigorating and sedative properties. If you brewe grass and drink this decoction in the morning, you will get an excellent substitute for coffee, which does not contain caffeine, acids, etc.. A very strong decoction of willow-herb drunk at night, help you relax and fall asleep quickly.

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