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Useful properties of lovage

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In the spring, immediately after warming the earth, country houses quickly grow gentle spicy leaves with a slight nutty nrivkusom. This plant is called lovage.

What is the herb lovage?

Lovage got its name from the legend according to which the people believed that this plant has the ability to captivate young people. Lovage appeared in Iran, and in Europe it was due to the monks growers lovage onlybecause of its medicinal properties.

Lovage is quite popular in Ukraine, southern Russia and Modavii where it grows even in the wild. This plant also has other names: angelica,   fistulose grass, grass-like, drug Dawn, zabarika, Zaborin, leushtyanu, mountain celery.

Useful properties lovage coveragequire as cooking and traditional medicine. But remember that like any herb which can be found on the website:

What is so useful lovage?

The leaves of lovage contain vitamins C and P, organic acids, mineral salts, carotene, and the roots of plants rich in carbohydrates. Alsoplant comprising: a gum, tannins and resins. Lovage has long been used in folk medicine because it has: choleretic, diuretic, expectorant and sedative effect.

Nastoki grass lovage (5 g per 500 g of water) in France prescribed to restore appetite and improve digestion. < br />
But to AustraliaRhee all parts of lovage is used as a diuretic.

In the German folk medicine, the beneficial properties of this plant are used in: general weakness of the body, inflammation of the bladder, kidney disease, swelling of legs, rheumatism, gout. So infusion of roots of lovage is recommended to use 30 minutes. before meals for 1 st. spoon 3 paza a day.

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