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Features choice of ceramic tiles for finishing tub

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traditionally a bathroom decorated with ceramic coating – the walls covered with colorful oilcloth, has sunk into Oblivion along communal apartments. The practicality of tile for bathroom proven for decades and are worthy alternatives to this material and was not found.

When this cladding material is important to consider the practical recommendations that combines the experience of experts in the field of design, architecture and construction. In the first place, it is necessary to be guided by the dimensions of the room, walls and floor of which are expected to dress in a modern material presents an incredible diversity in the construction market.

Before you buy tile for the bathroom, it is important to know that for small rooms it is better to choose the lining of the small sizes. This is due to the psychological and visual nuances of perception-the fact that large tiles in a small bathroom will narrow the already small space, giving a sense of closeness. It – the basics of interior design. But also very small tiles for a small bathroom not worth buying

For a spacious bathroom choose the right finish for decorating the walls and ceiling much easier. But in this case, has its own laws that are worth considering. The interior needs to invigorate and calm, the house, particularly the bathroom, – the place where people need to relax and rest.

Before you buy a particular color scheme, it is important to remember that light colors help to visually expand the space, add the airiness and lightness of the space. Color scheme – the main pledge of the General mood of the room. So, green or blue will bring a sense of freshness and coolness, and warmth will give the material terracotta, beige or pink hue. Experts take into account indicators such as the ratio of the light reflection.

If you choose a matte tile, the pollution will be less visible and I have to MOP less frequently. But if your choice will fall on the veneer with a glazed surface, you need to be aware – with a rag and detergents you have to be a frequent guest in this room – this surface will require more careful maintenance.

If you buy the tiles in the bathroom in small formats, in order to maintain the purity of the ideal hostess will have to RUB it more often to make it look fresh and well-groomed-contaminated surfaces, even the most positive of notes quickly lose their vitality. But when laying this material will have less to cut and so the overall picture of the veneer will be more solid.

the price of the tiles for the bathroom will depend on the extent of the famous trade brand of the novelty collection and many indicators of quality cladding products. If you want to follow the fashion trends in interior design and can afford to upgrade to veneer quite often, the price issue should worry you the least.

If you plan to save money and at the same time to acquire enough modern material, it is necessary to focus on discounts for older collections when the ‘podium” facing materials of new development. Such information can be obtained systematically by browsing websites on the Internet. the tiles for the bathroom.

In recent years, the trend of design of bathrooms – geometric drawings. Out-of-fashion decor with a faux texture natural stone, granite, marble and limestone. But such a choice is available quite wealthy people.

From all this the conclusion – the universal advice on the choice of cladding material for the bathroom no – it will all depend on the taste and the solvency of the person. But some tips are still worth considering in any case.

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