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Stroke and rehabilitation after him

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Everyone who ever faced with a stroke, you know that after it it is necessary to restore some lost functions. At home to recover is very difficult, and sometimes – is simply impossible due to the complexity of regular diagnostics and self-organization, lack of round-the-clock care and special medical equipment, nutritional, and sleep.

depending on the localization, extensiveness, and type of stroke affects certain nerve cells in the brain that are responsible for specific neurological functions, and manifests itself directly in the mental disorders, memory, sensation, movement, hearing and speech.


Main components in the treatment of stroke and its consequences is this:

  • quality of diagnosis;
  • the
  • efficiency of provided urgent medical. care;
  • the
  • urgent and complex .

the quality and speed of emergency med. help, everything is clear, but in regard to timeliness, need and methods of rehabilitation of stroke need to be treated separately. The fact that in our country, immediately after the localization of stroke, emergency measures and stabilization of the patient, the consequences of the disease, often people have to fight on their own, and can only rely on relatives and himself.

And only a few people seriously think about the fact that the treatment of stroke and its consequences do not end there. In this case we are talking not merely about the selection of the necessary set of medicines, their doses, and the purpose of the daily routines and diets – they are often and so selects the attending physician for a short consultation.

the Main point, which is neglect suffering from the effects of stroke and their families – is a comprehensive, urgent, system rehabilitation, which cannot be reduced purely to drug and hardware treatment.

Such rehabilitation is possible only at a hospital in specialized centers, because they have professionally trained nurses, all the necessary medical equipment and trained in modern methods of rehabilitation therapy after a stroke and can offer assistance to doctors, teachers, psychologists, chefs and nutritionists.

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