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What are the varieties of tooth whitening

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Today there are so many kinds of teeth whitening, however they are divided into professional and homemade. By the way, the cost depends on your chosen method. Next, we take a closer look at each of them.


Home teeth whitening

at Home You can whiten your own teeth by 2 methods:

  • method 1. With the help of mouthwashes, toothpastes, and chewing gums;
  • 2nd method. More effective action have the special sets, as well as gels. They have a principle of action that is based on the ability of chemical compounds to react directly with plaque, and also pigments and destroy them. In this case, the compositions is applied to the mouthguard and wear it at night or in the afternoon for a few hours.

Professional teeth whitening

the Ego is carried out on special equipment in the dental clinic. There are such professional teeth whitening:

  • 1st method. He founded the mechanical principle of tooth whitening. On the teeth is worn spetsnaladka and clean them directly via a supplied under pressure of compressed air, and a mixture of water and cleaning powder. “Deposits” pigment from coffee, cigarettes and tea, bacteria, plaque, interdental tissue disappear, and the teeth returned to their natural white;
  • Whitening ultrasound. In addition to the above disadvantages, this method also eliminates Tartar. At the last stage of such a bleaching-is applied over the teeth polishing paste, which for a long time will be “push” various pigments;
  • Chemical bleaching. In this case, use the same active chemical. substances, as in the case of home bleaching, namely: peroxide of urea, hydrogen peroxide, chlorides and carbamide peroxide, however their concentration is much higher;
  • Laser whitening. It's less forgiving, however a more efficient method that gives the opportunity to work on tooth tissue more deeply as well as point;
  • Photobleaching. In this case, the bleaching catalyst is a halogen light. So, on the patient's teeth applied to the spec. composition, and under the influence of light from this compound releases oxygen that directly and removes dark spots on the teeth.

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