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How to distinguish original Converse sneakers from fake

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Before buying new Converse sneakers every buyer looks at dozens of sites, video reviews and customer reviews in order to find all the little precision in how to distinguish a fake from an original pair, and not to get on big money. After all, nobody wants to be cheated and to purchase “left” sneakers converse men. But every day to do it all the more difficult because progress is not in place, and with the process improvements of the originals, improving, fake firms, they account for all their flaws and try to do everything the best way. Do not always get to explore new acquisition very difficult, because some buyers make a purchase via the Internet, e.g. at . Artificial firms also use this fact and promote your product.

How to distinguish an original from a fake

However, there are three basic rules that will help you to choose the original pair of brand new Converse sneakers. It is interesting that you don't even have to be present at this purchase in the store and keep it in his hands.

so, these rules are as follows:

  1. Compare the lists of sites on the official site Converse. On this website published all shops-partners of the Converse in which it is present a formal model of shoes. If you can't find your store in this list, you should refuse from this purchase and visit a shop from the list.
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  3. Price. Definitely need to compare the cost of the original model z the same site and cost of the selected shoes in store. Remember that it has to be the classic model of Converse, which has long been entrenched in the sales market and has a set price. For this type of shoes never discounts, so if you see any sales, most likely, you want to cheat.
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  5. Stop word “Converse”. the Site you have chosen may not in its name to have the original brand name Converse. All this is easy to explain. The official website of the manufacturer Converse is forbidden to use this title in their sites. Even in combination with other signs and letters, this site will be considered a store of counterfeits because it is not included in the list of those who should not be allowed to use the name, and therefore do not have the original brands.

There is another unwritten but very important rule – quality. Never skimp on shoes, because saving, you can get the cat in the bag. Poorly made shoes will fall apart in a month, at a time when it will expire the warranty of the product, and you'll be left with nothing. Check the quality of the Shoe, and if you see that the shoes deserve you to wear them, do not hesitate and feel free to buy. 

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