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The secrets of choosing healthy sunglasses

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As most people know the eyes need to be protected from the sun as well as the skin. Optimal eye protection are sunglasses. But there is a logical question: "?". Now this question is not so much aesthetic as, in the 1st place, it is a question of human health. Even from the title of the current summer and spring accessory, it is possible to understand that the ego's primary function is the immediate protection from UV rays the eyes and the skin around them.

high-Quality sunglasses is not only protect your vision and style, and also the clarity of the possible change in its brightness, without changing the color.


What are lenses and what of them better to give their preference?

As it turns out, is not always the tinted lenses of the glasses indicate protection from ultraviolet radiation. The majority of sunglasses features plastic lens is cheap replica known brands, as well as threat to human health fake. Even as a “blacker than black" of the data points miss 100 percent of UV rays. Besides, the more black will be these points, the more dangerous they are for human health.

So in bright light eye pupil contracts, in order to reduce the area of possible sunburn – this is natural, given human nature, protection from ultraviolet radiation. At that time in the dark cheap sunglasses with no UV filters eye the pupil remains “cheated”. As a result - he is not narrowing and, thus, adopts a sunstroke, and in full.

therefore, choosing sunglasses it's important to know a few things. And the most important is the material from which these lenses are made. The options here quite a bit: lenses can be either glass or plastic. Each of these materials has its own "+" and "-", which we consider next.


plastic Lens

the Main advantage of these lenses is that they are very hard to break – they do not crumble into fragments that are so dangerous to the eyes. As well these lenses have a small weight. But they have a 1-in a very serious "-": missing all plastic 100% UV. Therefore, the safety lenses of plastic material is provided only as material, as well as filters that are applied on the glasses to create the blocking layer. 1-im "-" data lenses is that they are very easily scratched, and plastic can warp in extreme heat.


Lens of glasses

Glass, unlike plastic, does not absorb UV radiation, even if the lens itself will be transparent. That's why you can choose sunglasses with even the min dimming and not worry about the health of their eyes. Also lenses glass is much less prone to scratches. However they have a "-". Glass is a hazardous material, especially in close proximity to the eye.

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