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Knee replacement: what is it?

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If a man watches lameness, pain in knee, difficulty in walking and limitation of motion, it is necessary to consult the doctor the orthopedist-traumatologist, or orthopaedic specialist clinic where he is examined, will make x-rays of patients of the joints and find out the nature of existing pathology.

be aware that the treatment which a poor guide to the pathologies of joints, and also self-treatment lead to a significant breach of the walk and the emergence of advanced forms of arthrosis. Furthermore, strong deviations in gait directly lead to the development of diseases of the spine, knee and hip joints of the 2nd leg.


What is a knee replacement?

the Main purpose of arthroplasty (replacement) knee joint is the restoration of joint function and reducing pain. The arthroplasty – it is very effective, and sometimes even the only method of restoration of knee function, which allows to significantly improve the quality of life of the patient. By the way, in Ukraine you can do in an innovative multidisciplinary clinic "MedinUa clinic&LAB".

during the surgery the affected components of the knee joint are changed with artificial joint (endoprosthesis), which mimics the shape of a healthy joint. Implants made from materials that are as similar to natural human tissue. All artificial joint components are fixed using bone cement.

Modern design of artificial knee joint comprises tibial and femoral components. The technology of its use involves the use as stabilizers of intact natural ligaments of this joint. On this basis, the joint preserved natural movement and reduces the risk of damage to the artificial joint. In addition, the surgeon inserts and even plastic liners that reduces friction and performs the function of cartilage.

the Endoprosthesis always picked individually, taking into account anatomic peculiarities of the knee and bone condition. In that case, if you hit only 1-on the area of the knee, then there is a possibility of partial or unipolar endoprosthesis. So, at partial joint replacement implant replaces only the damaged division of the joint.

the Implant is almost 100 % simulates the native joint. Modern implants can last 15 to 20 years, and in the case of wear - they can again be replaced.

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