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Operation zi zbilshennya Breasts

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TSE Chirurgie virochana, pid hour yakogo in the area Corno molochno salasi ustanovlyuvalysya implantati scho mmouth prirodno form I consistency Molochnik sales. Operation zblizony Breasts to roblet women, that uvajaut scho h breast nedostatek velik. By the way, procitati detaljno npharmacy about zbilshennya Breasts can be on Sait: .


Plastic surgery zblizony Breasts: «for» I «against»

Operation zi zbilshennya Breasts , odno s naybilsh frequent plastic operacy slomo in. However from zrostannya klikot provedenich operations sresta I number protivniku for this reason procedure. Before Tim Yak thwaitesia on Tsey seriozni CROC, good think I Suite all «over» I «against» hrurgeu zbilshennya Breasts.



  • Zbilshennya Breasts can dodati you Vpevnenist in sobi;
  • After for this reason operat VI you can dozvoliti sobi whether the Yak vbrannya, in yakomu wee will vigliadeti gnojno I sexually;
  • If you have asimetric breast (one blsa for NSW), the operation dopomozhe vdevice h simetrichnost, uzunovski ot s your complex;
  • After hrurgeu zbilshennya Breasts stink will vigliadeti odnakovo, probablility in Nezalezhnosti od VCU women, in one hour Yak “natural” chest z VCOM mozhut, obviate sensualist in rsmr.


  • the TSE to dosit way the procedure on the Yak you perhaps dovedetsja surati be called a few more years;
  • Always there is the toll-imort scho "Novi" chest not podobayutsya you or your partnerhow;
  • the Result operat oceniti not as possible, than through 3 of the month, and often breast nabuwat ostatochno form only through the year after operat;
  • Groudn implantati mozhut, Prihodite in nepriyatnosti (pratiti, zminyuvati form), and in this case you mozhut snadobica popcorn operas.

Whom it is possible to do an operation zblizony Breasts?

Operation zblizony Breasts it is possible to do, if you don't zadovoljen razmerami their Breasts I hotly b h zbilshiti. INSHI Maglev reason for holding for this reason operas TSE:

  • Asimetricnost Breasts (one blsa for NSW);
  • Zmenshennya Ob mo I obisanya Breasts after breast vigotovlennya.

Who do not you can are Robit operation zblizony Breasts?

Zbilshennya Breasts TSE to dosit seriozni Chirurgie virochana, Yak Mauger mother protipoziarne. Such operation is not recommended for nastupny problems from health Yam:

  • Seriesn chronon zacharovanna cercavo-Sugino system;
  • Whether that saplin zacharovanna in aktivni form;
  • Oncology zacharovanna (cancer ABO peredruk);
  • Virgene snejanna muneto;
  • Porsenna Shortandy crow;
  • Zbilshennya Breasts so needless pratipaksha pid hour watnot the chest vigotovlennya.

That implantati vykorystovuyutsia for zbilshennya Breasts?

there is the toll-baslc rsdavid grudof implantat, choice yakih sdissues together with plasticines hirurgom, vdiscourages from vidna difference I clay, yakih wee want dosage for DOPOMOGA operas.


Form grudof implantat

Groudn implantati mozhut varesmetsa in shape. Naybilsh popular implantati kruglo I teardrop (anatase) formation.

Krug groudn elanti zabezpechiti domi effect buchhalter “push-up”, ​​storyyy great Ob m castin at the top of the Breasts. Deakin incam podobala of such effect, in one hour Yak INSHI uvajaut scho tak breast vigladit unnatural.

Anatomy (coplien) elanti Radauti BlsI Ob m lower castin Breasts motouchi pryrodne obisanya Breasts pid force of the earth's tain. At the same hour, if Inca laga, the lower part of the Breasts all the same salesas more Ob mnou, in one hour Yak natural breast nabuwat ravnomerno okruglo formation.

Choice of formation implant bude talegate not tilki od your upodobania and from your ndivia anatomy of osoblivosti. Priluchalisya to parade of your plastic hirurga.

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