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The FUE method of hair guard

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in fact, until the very end of the twentieth century, the dogmatic method of dealing with baldness was considered to be the STRIP, the essence of which was to fence a certain bundle of donor hair for transplant to a new location. Surgical intervention in this case was caused by the scarring of the donor area, had a high risk of postoperative complications and long rehabilitation period. To eliminate all these negative accompanying phenomena, using that practiced at the clinic of plastic surgery doctors Mohaba in Hamburg.

Features and benefits

unlike STRIP method there is no need to literally cut a scrap of leather with hair bags. FUE involves point donor follicles: one at a time is withdrawn from 1 to 5 hairs. A distinctive feature of this approach is the preservation of the organic interaction between neighboring hairs, structure, and mechanisms of growth in the group.

This approach is devoid of the obvious disadvantages of the STRIP method, and its progressiveness, innovativeness can be formulated in the following theses:

  • first, it significantly expands the "geography" of the donation. The material can be deleted both on the occipital region of the head or on the back, shoulders, legs. In this scenario, it is possible to use a greater number of micro grafts, and thus to cover a large area transplant;
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  • second, reduced invasive effects on the patient. The hair follicles are removed with a thin needle and tweezers with great accuracy. This provides a significant reduction of the rehabilitation period and the risk of complications;
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  • third, the FUE method is much less objective limits for the procedure of transplantation than with STRIP-procedure.


In clinical practice find their application both methods of hair transplantation, nevertheless seamless FUE clearly shown in cases such as:


    Baldness is androgenic in nature or is the result of local scarring of the skin; the

  • the Need for parallel correction of the thickness of the hair layer, eyebrow, beard, mustache etc;
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  • Lack of donor material in the main parietal region;
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  • large scale hair loss, which is insufficient patchwork of grafts.

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