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What should be the homemade mask for hair

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the Main thing while choosing a hair mask is to choose it according to the problem and hair type. Next, we consider the main natural components according to various criteria.


Normal hair

In this case, the use of masks is more of a preventive nature, therefore, enough to do 1 – 2 masks in 30 days. To do it more often is not necessary, otherwise there is a risk of “overload” their hair, making them very smooth. Owners of normal hair in the summer heat is perfect  moisturizing mask, but in frosty weather it is worth to try a hydrating mask.


Dry hair

the hair needs a more intense (and more regular) care, than normal. Masks should be applied 1-2 times a 7 days. Immediately prior to the shampooing should be applied in a preheated vegetable oil (burdock, almond, olive or wheat germ) on the ends of the hair. Because dry hair have a tendency to cross all, they will be very useful mask directly to hair.

Also a very common problem of dry hair, as well as their strengths hair loss, because hair bag which is not receiving the necessary power is rather weak. The best components of masks for dry hair is the following foods: mayonnaise, sour cream, egg yolk, yogurt, liquid honey, burdock oil, onion juice, diluted lemon juice and aloe Vera juice.
Directly after the mask for the hair and washing the hair is imperative poloskati hair herbs.


Oily hair

Daily shampooing will not bring about such hair benefit. In order to bring the head sebum secretion to normal it is necessary to make masks for oily hair. Their main components are: yogurt, egg whites, fruit and lemon juice, whey or yogurt. In this mask will be useful to add a bit of vinegar or rinse your hair after the mask with water with 2 tbsp of vinegar.

in addition, to eliminate excessive fat also contribute natural dyes such as: chamomile, Basma, henna. Also reduce fatty secretions contribute: funds on the basis of alcohol, oak bark, nettle and peppermint mask based on mustard (but not more than 2 times in 30 days).

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