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What endosurgery (organ-preserving surgery)?

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have You ever heard of gentle surgery? This minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, which is different from the fact that it does not need extensive incisions and directly after surgery are not left huge scars + recovery proceeds much faster. By the way, in Kaluga endoscopic surgery on a paid basis : EHC.RF.

Endosurgery is a modern alternative to the traditional (open) surgery. In minimally invasive surgery need a little access for the realization of the surgical intervention with the use of special. equipment (endoscopes, etc.). Such an operation is much less traumatic than traditional patients in addition to everything is much easier to undergo a period of rehabilitation and as a result recover faster.

If we talk in simple words, endohirurgii called normal standard operation, but which is carried out through small punctures without large incisions or through a natural orifice of the human body using microsurgical instruments.


the use of endoscopic surgical operations:

  • Hiatal and inguinal hernia;
  • Chronic appendicitis;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • Varicose veins;
  • stomach trouble;
  • Diseases of the spleen;
  • Diverticulum of the esophagus.

Main advantages of minimally invasive operations:

  • Small beanbag round during the surgery;
  • Excellent visual control and review at all stages of the operation;
  • Reduction of postoperative pain;
  • the Prevention of adhesion;
  • Lower risk of various complications after the surgery;
  • Early recovery of the patient;
  • Similar operations are carried out without damage to surrounding tissues almost bloodless. At the same time, the surgeon can carry out 2-ve operation — the therapeutic and diagnostic, that is, initially, to identify a pathology, and then to eliminate it, the blood loss will be minimal (5 to 10 ml), while, as with open operations, blood loss in 20 times more.

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