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The main factors of skin aging

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Maintain or restore youth is an entire industry that strives to make the skin beautiful and healthy, regardless of age, using for this purpose and in which "spinning" billions of dollars. Subconsciously and consciously people associate attractiveness and age of a person with his skin (or rather, her appearance).

and other organs of the human body structure and physiological function of skin with aging is constantly deteriorating. Enlarged pores, crisp creases, dry skin, deep wrinkles and age spots - all these external signs of aging skin. Next, we talk more about the process of aging in order to understand how to reduce to min and to defer certain natural processes of skin aging.


Factors of skin aging

the aging of the skin cause by many factors, both internal and external. These reasons can be divided into 3 main categories:

  • environmental aging;
  • biological aging;
  • mechanical aging.

Environmental aging skin is the consequence of actions on it. This happens through the daily effects of free radicals from a huge number of sources, namely: bad weather, pollution, UV radiation from the sun, smoke and stress.

Biological aging is the result of changes, often genetically predetermined and occur in the human body in a natural way. All people have a chronological age or biological clock, which is specified by the genetic code.

Mechanical aging occurs as a direct result of the fact that we frown muscle movements repeated day in and day out, year after year. Avoid certain movements, leading to the formation of wrinkles, it is simply impossible to avoid the early signs of fur. aging need to avoid the following:

  • avoid the posture of a thinker (this is when the cheek or chin are in the hand);
  • sorites;
  • don't sleep on your stomach or on the side;
  • avoid weight fluctuations;
  • do Not RUB your face with hot water;
  • do Not tuck up your your lips when drinking through a straw or smoke;
  • get enough Sleep and eat balanced.

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