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Alcoholism: the main treatment methods

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On the 1st stage of alcoholism treatment necessarily spend detoxification, often when the person's admission to the hospital there is a pronounced hangover or necessary to interrupt the binge. For the purpose of detoxification use different drugs, mainly using parenteral method of administration (intramuscularly or intravenously). Apply magnesium sulfate, unitiol, vitamin B6 , B1, C, nootropics (pirroksan, piracetam, nootropil).

In the case if a person has pronounced a mental disorder assigned tranquilizers (tazepam, phenazepam, Relanium, seduksen).

If the disturbed sleep is used radedormum, and insomnia with nightmares, anxiety and fear, barbiturates (luminal, barbamyl). The patient is recommended abundant drink (fruit drinks, juices, mineral water) and simultaneously administered diuretics.

in severe diseases of internal organs (somatic disorders) the patient consults the physician and is additionally assigned therapy aimed at the elimination of certain disorders.

Also, very important is vitamin-rich, high-calorie food.

When a sufficiently strong depletion of the alcoholic to increase appetite, he prescribed a small dose of insulin (4 to 6 UNITS).


anti-alcohol targeted therapy

Directly after the good state (both somatic and mental), conduct anti-alcohol treatment. Choose a method of treatment directly along with the alcoholic and his family, the doctors explain the essence and consequences of each method. Throughout the treatment it is necessary to apply a psychotherapy that promotes the development of alcoholic installation directly on the treatment and subsequent sobriety.

will be effective only when the alcoholic believed the doctor, and they have established trust, mutual understanding and the necessary contact.


treatments for alcoholism:

  • conditioned reflex therapy. The meaning of this technique lies in the development of the patient on the smell or taste of alcohol conditioned-reflex reactions such as vomiting. Therapy is conducted every day or every other day. The course of treatment is from 20 to 25 sessions;
  • Method of sensitizing therapy. The main purpose of this technique is to suppress the desire for alcohol and creation of such environment in which people will be forced to refuse to accept alcohol. So, every alcoholic dangdut harmless drug teturam (antabus), which when injected into the human body of alcohol, to join with him in reaction, which is unpredictable and very serious consequences;
  • Psychotherapy. This method is used from the 1st to visit an alcoholic doctor and continues during the entire treatment process;
  • Hypnosis (hypnotherapy). This method shows easily suggestible patients who believe in the effectiveness of this methodology. Used in specifically selected groups or individually;
  • Encoding. This author's technique, which doctors that invented them, and have exclusive rights;
  • Group rational psychotherapy. For the variety of alcoholism treatment is chosen, a small group of alcoholics (up to 10 people), which obedina General social and psychological problems. Alcoholics among themselves and together with the doctor to discuss the various problems in life, the 1st and foremost those that are directly related to chronic alcoholism.

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