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The main types of antiviral drugs

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Now doctors are increasingly assigned to different antiviral drugs for the treatment of those or other conditions of the patient, and they are used by people for self-treatment at home. What are these drugs? Some people the old-fashioned preference for such traditional antiviral remedies: milk with honey, onion, garlic and lemon, and the other for the treatment of «cold», viral and infectious diseases of drug use? It was the last we, or rather about their flavors and we'll talk further.


What is the mechanism of action of antiviral sredtvo have?

All viruses consist of nucleic acids, as well as the surrounding capsule. Thus, under favorable conditions, they could proliferate directly in the body of his “master”, while often the defenses of the human immune system is powerless in front of them.

1st antiviral drug, synthesized in 1946, and it was called "Thiosemicarbazone", which as the main active ingredient was part of the "Faringosept", and for many years was used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the throat. Then opened "Idoxuridine" used to fight herpes virus.

the Real breakthrough in the fight against viruses was the finding of such human proteins like interferon, which in turn, suppresses the activity of viruses.

So, in the last century in the early 80-ies started active work on the development of drugs that stimulated the ability of the human body to synthesize interferon. Such a scientific work does not stop today, but, unfortunately, the price of antiviral drugs remains very high.


varieties of antiviral agents

Now on the shelves of pharmacies you can find various tools, which can be divided into 2-ve large groups:

  • Antiviral. This medicines that can have on the direct virus inhibitory effect and is able to block it from multiplying;
  • Immunostimulants. This medication that can boost the production of interferons for a short time.

the effect on different types of viruses are:

  • drugs that inhibit the activity of retroviruses;
  • drugs that fight against herpes virus;
  • protivotsellyulitnye funds;
  • drugs that fight against the flu viruses;
  • drugs used to treat HIV .

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