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Scho Takeo bglist?

Novemb. 16 2016

The TSE questions someone wapost just honey. Ale honey - TSE not just rdina stringy licorice and nectar, prerobeny robozou jolou. Z dohanos vulica we otrymaty to 30 crogram honey for the year. Cnni poni product diyalnosti BCL - TSE rigolini VSC. Medow of SOTI can use up to six years (further on the combs nukopijuoti mcrobie I parasites, stink takozh temnoty). Zi stelnik, that wikidata dobaviti rigolini VSC. Pribytkova virobnictvo wax becoming from 9 to 18 kg z Kono Tony spranego honey. I TSE top of work rigoler. So hto tak rigoler I scho Takeo bglist? About prices, respost editor of the online magazine golara .


Chi easy bootie jalaram?

Kamusi to self surrender Mauger, scho Buti duzhe just jalaram: dstan be called a few more beehive s bdzhola, suppliers Sered medonosy Roslin I zbiri harvest! Dwellers zaymatysya bglists, it loves BGL, Yak stink accuvote, Yak to them tabletsa. For BCL required Buti opcom, godovalnikov I navti Lorem in the cabin an hour.
Docta pastnieku to dosit podivitis the beehive, in yakomu usually works from 8 to 80 thousand BGL dwellers bagato chogo dowdales about Brolin family*. Well pastnieku proste Zirconia BGL, if he VDRIVE beehive, respost: Chi productive jolina family, SITA Chi Chi hungry; Mauger won “sirote”, utrativshie the uterus and others


Z istori? bglist

Yak TSE is not jahlive ale as golar dwellers spati honey hammered Brolin * family, that lived in the hollows of NSA Poronino. Ale vzhe in 1851 year, the American rigoler Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth viaview scho, bdzhola zalyshyty mizh vescovini honeycomb promice of about 6 millimeters. TSE vakrita allowed to use vegetable the human derew an vulici, in yakih mizh stelnicki framework salissa so well vastani. So was mozliwym, vinati s vulica okrem frame. dwellers spati honey I USK not pokojowe rigolino the family of Yu.


Od chogo saleit USPH rigoler?

Spochatku need vibrate the meeting place, the de will rostropoviches vulici, bdzhola povinn to sniti sobi go. For example, vltk I vosene in mstah, de rostut that I Aline. Best honey (Yak Yogo nazivayut rigoler Sam honey) give the field quotage wild cebreco. Also visoko cnuts lipovy honey. Also, bdzhola rossocuoco Blu konjushinu, yellow burkun, alfalfa and others Htos specjalno in the flowerbeds to plant and plants - quetches.

Abluka, Migdal, Cavani, Clive, Gros, cucumbers, RSN agogi - everyone knows, what does m for zapalenia potribni, bdzhola. TSE otnositsya I to nennig cultures, Yak Morkva, Tsibulya I navti sonyashnik. Capilouto alfalfa, Yak STA food for chudoba, bdzhola dbauth not only about people and nawt about tvarin.

Rosmuc vulici in hrsikesa rayon, better h of staviti bilya Pangea Gori. Bdzhola, easy PANalytical up to pipinich flowers of trees and, avantageuses nectar, otpravlyatsya in more light through the descent way to valiku. If postaviti vulici to Hori (wide trees), TSE to zmenshiti produktivnosti Golino family*.


About Brolin family *

Od of the uterus saleit blagopoluchia I produktivnosti Golino family*. if bjelina family, Yak Givet from Veliko, viable little dtoc I honey, the uterus necessary snimiti I samnite HOU. Nails honey virolet family ?s young uterus. For Novo Golino family * required take great Doorphone beehive, swarming with scho bdzhola, docility the top half od nigga. In Ogni Polovin uterus vzhe ) . I can pomestite in NSW half wolica. For an hour medoboru Nova bjelina uterus vzhe bude declarati AICA, nepomnyashi beehive molodimi rabochimi the bdzhola.


About life roboco, bdzhola

Skilki Givet of Bjala? Vlcko, if bjola suka time up to 15 hours a day I lta zi shvidky to 20 km / year, won Givet, about six tiinv. Cabin hour for BCL straight ahead, Ben of napojeni - stink pratsyuyut 2-3 years to the day scho dozvola m you nawt be called a few more months.


About the products bglist

flower charm size : basic gerela blkv, wtamu, mineralnih rechovin I girl, neophane for development of bagolino of the uterus, roboco, bdzhola I drone. Some uvajaut scho flower charm size - TSE good natural clusi sasb for treatment bagatoh zakhvoryuvan. Z one vulica we otrymaty to 5 kg sawing on year. Propels - TSE rakovina, the yakoy, bdzhola Saraswati sline wolica.


the Way honey s CDI on your table

Polova honey bjola print on CWD I SBIR nectar in Medovy Sobek, that I rozsireny Delancey stevejob. Uavt dwellers Tsey napuniti Sobek, bglc need vddate to 1500 kvitok. Further bjola poverties of the beehive, the nectar de pomsets in medow stelnicki. For tsogo won Drigo VMT honey sabika in the mouth Molodo roboco, bdzhola. Robach of Bjala in turn sklada nectar in medoviy of oseredok I Viva vsih neophane zachodu dwellers of prerobit the nectar into honey. Rigoler haracim knife SRSA Usc scho sakriba of comrce in cogni rams. Potim VIN savantage frame in a honey extractor, yaky pid du vdcantuogo Seeley s Stolnik without honey. Honey epakouousa in banks or in portions. If the Bank is clear, it is possible perevet for colorum quality honey. Honey easy saswaulia organza I Shvidko perevorota in the energy.

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