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What is diagnosed using MRI of the bowel?

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Today, gastrointestinal disease is very common. But there is one problem - the diagnosis of these diseases is fraught with some difficulties. The main method of diagnosis is colonoscopy, however this procedure causes discomfort and pain in the patient, which in turn turns away many people from this study. Next we will talk about some alternative to colonoscopy, and magnetic resonance imaging, and learn how to prepare for this procedure.



Many people wonder: "is it possible without training to go for MRI scan of the bowel?". Answer: If an MRI will be done without contrast, then it should be prepared as for an ordinary ultrasound. 24 hours prior to the examination must exclude from your diet all gas-forming foods (kefir, sauerkraut, beans, etc).

Man which will take place this study adopts the activated carbon for cleaning the body and also other drugs that inhibit the formation of gas. The meal should be discontinued 6 hours before the study. And just before the passage of the procedure itself give the man some pills “shpy”.

But to hydro-MRI is much more difficult to prepare. So, if the procedure was scheduled for the morning, then stop to eat the day before at 18.00. The bowel is cleansed with drugs (Lavacol, Fortran), enemas or other means for cleaning the bowel. For 60 minutes prior to starting the research the person offering to drink 1.5 l of water that contains sorbitol or mannitol. These substances delay the fluid in the lumen of the intestine.


MRI of the bowel: what does?

This procedure allows to identify:

  • Tumor-formation, tumors and areas of metastasis;
  • Polyps and diverticula of the intestine;
  • Foreign body;
  • Inflammatory diseases of the colon and small intestine (ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease);
  • Anomalies in the structure of the intestine.

it Often happens that the MRI is used to identify the stage of cancer of the rectum. Also, this survey is very useful to assess the results of treatment of Oncology.

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