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Washing machines: major malfunction

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everything the modern breakdown of the machine-the machine can be divided into typical and rare. Their fundamental differences are clear from the title. In 90 percent of cases the masters are dealing with typical failures that are characteristic of machines of all types and brands (and there is nothing strange, because the design and also working conditions at all stiralok very similar).

But “brand” of failure are already in the 2nd category. Also atypical breakdowns can be attributed to everything that was not included in the above 90 %. This includes manufacturing defects, breakage, washing machines, fault the owner, as well as the flaws directly in the Assembly. The most difficult faults are “floating” (when the machine "that operates, not functioning”. To identify and correct any such failure can only a qualified technician with extensive experience.

And now we look at the major damage to the washing machines, indicating incorrect operation, and requires urgent intervention of the specialist or the owner and tell us about them, an employee of a company "Help Service", which you can order in Kiev.


Basic breakdowns of machines:

  • warming the Water. In 95 percent of all cases this is the result of a breakdown of PETN, 5% exotic;
  • Water is not supplied. This may be a result of lack of pressure in the system, which often happens due to the blocked faucet water, directly feeding the very machine. Another reason could be a faulty valve. In addition, the cause may be the failure of the control unit, however this is rarely the case;
  • Machine immediately drains the water. Here can be 2-ve reasons: self-discharge (which occurs as a consequence of incorrect connection of the machine to the sewer), as well as fault;
  • water under the washer. The main reasons are: washing curtains, a gust cuff hatch, pipe leak, bad hose, which brings water and flow of the drum (very rare);
  • a Washer does not drain. The reasons can be a clogged drain filter or damage the drain pump;
  • Washer and dryer not included. Reason: knocked out incorrectly selected the automatic protection, the machine is not here at the outlet, failure of control unit malfunction of network filter (very rare);
  • Machine banging. Cause: bearing failure, foreign objects inside the tank, improper installation of the machine.

basically, that's all the major malfunction of the washing. About the broken buttons, lids, handles and display say no, because it happens rarely and needs individual approach to repair.

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