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Engraver: what is it?

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Engraver called versatile, powerful and compact tool. With it any person can perform engraving, drilling, grinding, and milling.

In the body of the tool having an elongated shape, is located the electric motor and also rotating the cartridge, where fixed working attachment. So, clicking the start button-starts rotating. Moreover, the snap-in is able to rotate at a speed of up to a few tens of thousands. at least This way, with the help of the engraver is possible to carry out processing of ceramics, steel, precious metals and other materials.

If the engraver used a universal attachment system, then you can apply a huge number of kinds of different interchangeable tools (cutters, drills, burs, polishing or cutting discs, diamond grinding stones and abrasive types).


How to choose the engravers?

  • Choosing an electric necessary carefully inspect nozzles, collet Chuck and motor. Please note that there are also some engravers are equipped with a flexible shaft, which, in turn, serves as adaptor of rotation to the nozzle;
  • Almost all engravers have a device which regulates the speed of a shaft that rotates. The kit includes different nozzles that determine what kind of function will take the engraver. The choice should be made considering the work you think they execute;
  • Also important and mark graver (manufacturer);
  • But still, the most important criterion for directly selecting this tool is its rpm which can be 15,000 - 35,000 rpm. min. turnover is Small used for grinding and policy. And for cutting and grinding, the rotation speed should be max.
  • modern engravers if an electronic controller, which is why they and stand accordingly. But cheap models often have a simple device that reduces the voltage of the motor;
  • Though compact, the engravers may have different dimensions. Here is the rule: the smaller the weight of the tool, and the size of it is smaller. However in light of engravers no cooling system. Therefore, it is necessary to consider when choosing a portable engraver. Otherwise it will very quickly overheat. And, as a result, work must be stopped every 10 - 15 min.

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