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What is a pediatric inguinal hernia?

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Inguinal hernia is nothing more than the release of abdominal contents directly through the inguinal canal. Often,
contains: loops of the intestine - in boys, the fallopian tube and the ovary for girls.


Cause of

When a child grows and develops inside the mother's womb, he formed channel extending from the abdomen directly to the groin. The emergence of this channel is connected with the descent of testes from the abdomen into the groin for a draw the part of the peritoneum, which creates favorable conditions for movement inside. bodies. That is why in boys inguinal hernia occurs almost ten times as likely. But the main reason for the occurrence of inguinal hernia in girls is a pathology of the formation of the round ligament of the uterus.

Before birth, the majority of children this connection with the abdominal cavity closes on its own. In that case, if this is not observed, then is formed inguinal hernia, which can manifest as birth and much later.


How determined?

Visually hernia is defined as a “swelling” in the groin area, straining it uvelichivaetsya and very easy reduce inside. Often, parents do not notice symptoms until the infringement of inguinal hernia since it doesn't hurt, but visually it can be observed only after reaching a large size.


what is the danger?

the Main danger of inguinal hernia are: its probable infringement (“jam” contents of the hernia SAC), the compression of the restrained body gruzaviki narrow gate, and circulatory disorders, as well as the loss within a few hours the viability of the organ.



the Only effective treatment for this disease is surgery. Other ways to remove it. Sometimes it happens that the manifestations of inguinal hernia becomes min, but do not deceive yourself - the hernia not to do it after a while mandatory will manifest itself, and often this happens at the most inopportune moment.

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