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Hemorrhagic ovarian cyst: What is it?

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Hemorrhagic ovarian cyst is called hollow novoobrazovaniya, which is formed directly on the surface of the body and filled with blood clots or bloody fluid. 

– this complication, which arises directly in the development of cysts luteum and follicular cysts. These types of cystic formations are harmless tumor-like neoplasms, which arise from the functional disorders of the ovaries.

Hemorrhagic cyst may appear as a result of:

  • injury;
  • excessive exercise;
  • pelvic examination;
  • sexual intercourse.

Treat such pathology, depending on the health status, woman's age and the extent of achievement of fertility.

General symptoms

Often, such cystic formation is formed in the 1st phase of the menstrual cycle. Hemorrhagic cyst is not a disease, but it manifests itself a whole set of unpleasant and painful symptoms.

the Main symptoms, characteristic for a developing hemorrhagic ovarian cysts are:

  • the painful flow of menses;
  • the emergence of a sense of gravity directly in the groin and lower abdomen;
  • pain in the abdomen that are avoided by the use of drugs with analgesic effect;
  • irregular menstrual cycle;
  • increased the amount of bleeding during menstruation.  

Sometimes women who develop hemorrhagic cyst feel the urge to vomit and nausea. There are also frequent cases when pain in the lower abdomen are the result of rendering a certain load on the female body, and these feelings are able to come during sexual intercourse or when urinating.

With the development of this novoobrazovaniya there is a huge likelihood of cyst rupture, especially women of childbearing age in violation of their regulation of the menstrual cycle, which in turn, complicated by developing infertility and obesity.

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