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Stamps: how do they make them?

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not every person knows how to make stamps. Today, there are a few methods of their manufacture, each with its own "+" and "-". Next, we consider these methods in more detail and tell us about them, an employee of company "a", in which you can order high-quality products of this type, and at an affordable price.


methods for the manufacture of seals and stamps

  • Laser engraving. In the manufacture of seals of this methods to get the output quality clear impression, which combines many elements as needed, and protective. Thanks to the laser beams are reproduced Malaysia details, and also applied for hidden items. Printing made by laser engraving maintain ideal state for 20 years. There is only 1 in the time that we need to remember – timely replacement cushion, otherwise, the durability of printing is reduced by 2-3 times;
  • Polymer technology. The main "+" of these seals is the speed of production (production takes up to 30 minutes). The manufacturing process itself is very simple. Initially, the print outline special software, then output to the printer, then darken the toner and severally stage is the pouring of liquid photopolymer. After these manipulations, the print is washed and fixed the stamp. Accurately set all parts are made of seal - helps secure clamping of the print. Next, the print is exposed to UV rays, after which it will be impossible to make any changes. The main disadvantage of printing photopolymer printing is the low wear resistance. Also, in this case, it is not possible to apply covert methods of protection and slim figures. Pass through printer and material features and do not provide the ability to perform complex elements (by the way, even applying some of the image will be a real problem);
  • FLASH technology. This method of manufacturing printing allows you to increase the level of its protection several times. With this technique, you can apply a few colors. Such printing is the most convenient. You can easily carry it in your pocket and not be afraid that it will leak. 1 the only downside of this print is the need to restore the printing function directly after a lot of prints.

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