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Glaucoma and its prevention

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This disease, as glaucoma is accompanied by reduced vision and increased intraocular pressure. Without proper treatment and prevention of this disease can end in complete blindness. In the early stages of glaucoma treatment may be conservative, but with the progression - it should be purely surgical.

Next, we consider basic methods that will enable you to prevent this disease.


Preventive action in glaucoma

the Best prophylactic glaucoma is the detection of this disease at a very early stage of its development. Prevention of this disease is a very important component of disability prevention and preservation of health. All preventive measures can be divided into a few atopou:

  • Educational work among the masses about the causes of this disease and the 1st signs of glaucoma. Of course, in this case, should not wait for the medic with his lectures, you better wish to go into the Global Web and read all information about this disease, fortunately today the Internet is enough of such information;
  • a routine inspection at the ophthalmologist 1 time per year after the age of 40, and those who have "bad" genetics and risk factors — 30 years. Early diagnosis and therapy in the early stages of glaucoma can permanently save the sight of a sick person;
  • Identifying signs of this disease and determine its stage - it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and strictly fulfill all the requirements of the attending physician. It is necessary to refuse Smoking and alcohol, move more, hold conservative terapiyu (to use the drops for prevention of this disease);
  • it is Necessary to exclude all factors that can worsen the condition and cause progression of glaucoma. In addition to enhanced flow, and the abandonment of all bad habits - not drugs used for pupil dilation, long to be in a position tilted forward with his head to read in low light, and it is irrational to eat. Also, it is necessary to normalize the time to fully rest and limit the amount of stress.


All of the above preventive measures will help the patient avoid blindness. Remember: primary glaucoma is often formed in more than 40 years, from which we can conclude that people over 40 years old, in the 1st place, are at risk.

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