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Erotic massage: the use, types and characteristics of

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Erotic massage – a very pleasant and useful employment. It's not just the traditional technique of effects on the body, and especially of the procedure to unleash the sexual potential. It soothes and stimulates sexual desire at the same time: the body relaxes, and sensuality becomes aggravated.

the Place of origin of erotic massage is East. The technique came about when a traditional massage. In ancient times knew that touch is not only beneficial, but can be enjoyable. Erotic massage is often part of foreplay, relaxing and exciting at the same time.

Beneficial effects of erotic massage on the body.

Erotic massage allows the client to realize their sensual potential. It can be a source of new experiences, sexual experiences, increase libido. This procedure contributes to the awakening of sexual arousal, sensuality, allows you to better know your body to discover new erogenous zones.

One procedure not only gives a stimulating effect, but a beneficial effect on the entire body. Almost every day a modern man is the emotional and physical exertion. Since all methods of this type of massage is aimed at relaxation, relaxation, it is perfect for getting rid of stress, helps to obtain a positive charge and vigor.

the Correct massage allows you to bring client to climax of passion, which is useful in certain diseases of the reproductive system, good for potency, sexuality, sensuality.

Principal erotic massage.

There are different types of massage:

  • Thai
  • the
  • hot;
  • the
  • tantric;
  • the
  • Sakura and others.

Regardless of the type of massage technique involves gentle stroking, kneading movements, massage the body with both sides. Massaged the whole body of the client.

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Preparation and features of erotic massage.

Professional erotic massage performed using special oils. They greased the hands of the masseur and the client's body. Massage technique involves the use of not only hands but other parts of the body: chest, stomach, shoulders and more.

unlike other types of erotic massage is learned in practice better than in theory. This is because when choosing equipment, the therapist should rely on the desires of the client, including the hidden ones. The procedure is performed using classical techniques and the individual elements of the petting. Its effectiveness largely depends on the ability to listen to the wishes of the client, the ability to capture the reaction to those or other kinds of caresses.

the massage Therapist must have the knowledge, skill and experience in this area. It is very important to place the procedure. The environment should contribute to the full relaxation and awakening of sensuality. Cozy room, romantic atmosphere, comfortable bed promote relaxation and enjoyment. The condition is important – no distractions, peace and privacy. Consider also the room temperature, it should be comfortable for the client.

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