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What is more harmful: hookah or cigarettes?

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Today many people ask the question: "?". Many smokers believe that Smoking hookah is 100% safe. But Beirut, the researchers examined the smoke of the hookah. And how do you think they know? In this article we will answer a number of questions:

  • What contradictions managed to find a scholar from Beirut?
  • How was carried out 1-in from key experiments, and what kind of risks did he show?
  • How many cigarettes replace 1-in a session of hookah Smoking?
  • Reduces water inside the hookah harmful?
  • does hookah addiction?

Studies on the health effects of Shisha

2-WA new research, which was conducted by scientists USJ (University of Saint Josefa in Beirut) and AUB (American University of Beirut), showed that kalynovyi smoke contains many harmful chemicals. substances that can also be found in conventional cigarette smoke. This is radically contrary to a popular belief that the water inside the hookah is the catalyst of the smoke. This suggests that the risks, of course, and it should be carefully examined.

Publication in 2003, the results of the study at the American University in Beirut talking about the obvious dangers of hookah. Studies have shown that the presence of harmful heavy metals, nicotine and tar was associated directly with the kind of tobacco. 1-in of the main experiments conducted in conditions that match the present session of Smoking water pipe.

In the experiment used 10 grams of tobacco, was made of 100 breaths with a volume of 0.3 l and a duration of 3 seconds each with an interval of 0.5 min between them.

as a result, it was found that:

  • the content in hookah smoke nicotine was 2.25 mg (with 1 cigarette contains 0.5-2.25 mg of nicotine);
  • the content of the resins was of 2.42 mg (with 1 cigarette contains 0.5-35 mg of tar);
  • and the level of harmful heavy metals (lead, beryllium, silver, Nickel, chromium, cobalt) are generally in the 10 five times higher than their content in the 1st cigarette.

these substances are able to trigger the development of lung cancer and heart disease. These data suggest about the real dangers of Smoking for the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the human body, in addition, it is able to greatly exceed the harm caused by conventional cigarettes.


dangers of hookah: the number for cancerous substances and nicotine

Dr. Alan Shihadeh (research coordinator) said that 1 well session of waterpipe Smoking can be compared with Smoking about 20 cigarettes, but the content of harmful tar when water-pipe Smoking is much lower in comparison with cigarette smoke and the reason for this is to lower the combustion temperature of tobacco directly inside the hookah, which is 450 0 C (in comparison to cigarette tobacco burns at a temperature of 900 0 C).

the Experiments that were conducted in the University of St. Josefa in Beirut, suggests that even though the water inside the hookah and holds a certain amount of nicotine, it does not reduce the number of crustaceans of harmful substances in the smoke. Thus, the risks are able to be much stronger than cigarette harm. Also, the person Smoking hookah should smoke a lot more tobacco in order to consume the same amount of nicotine as cigarette smokers. This, ultimately, will lead to the use of a larger number of harmful for cancerous substances.



There is a hypothesis that Smoking hookah can be addictive, despite the smaller number of nicotine in the smoke. Even if we have no attention leave the question of education based on, anyway, the hookah smoker will cause undoubted harm, since he will be under the influence of harmful substances crustaceans (e.g., benzopyrene). These substances are capable of:

  1. to lead to lung cancer and reduction in their volume;
  2. the
  3. may cause a reduction in the weight of a newborn baby if its mother smoked hookah directly during pregnancy.

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