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What is carpet cleaning?

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in Order to get an idea of what the carpet cleaning, initially it is necessary to understand how these same carpets will become dirty and will tell us about this employee "Bellissimo": main of which is . So...

90% of all dirt gets on the rugs directly from the Shoe, and the remaining 10% is dirt that is transferred by air that is dirt from the doors, Windows, kitchen appliances, video and audio etc.

85% of all dirt is “dry”, and the remaining 15 % of “oily”. Dry dirt penetrates into the structure of the carpet pile, but is removed by the cleaner. But oily dirt, in turn, is attached to directly to the surface of the carpet and vacuum it is no longer feasible. Oil akin glue, attracts dry dirt and becomes the main cause of stains (visible dirt).


Why should we do the carpet dry cleaning?

In General, carpet cleaning is the process of removing all external impurities plus separated elements of framework and lint from its surface and throughout its thickness.

dry Cleaning carpet called cleaning this product using chemicals and specialized equipment.
dry cleaning of carpets has its own specifics. Often in the manufacture of carpets used a few varieties of materials. From the combination can be very different:

  • wool and flax;
  • silk and cotton;
  • wool and cotton.

Modern enterprises in the production of printed carpets is often used different types of glue. In any case, different materials when exposed to organic solvents and aqueous solutions of detergents behave in different ways. Often have to use these methods of cleaning carpets, in which the impact is applied, for example, only to the hands and it does not affect the pile, or only the pile and not affected.

the 2nd important point is that the carpets have the strongest mud and mechanical stress, which in turn leads to their rapid wear. Sand and dust is abrasive, when the nipple cut pile carpet coverage (this comes directly under the mechanical action).

in Order to increase the life of carpets better every 6 months to carry out the cleaning.

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