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The main causes and symptoms of purulent angina

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Purulent angina is an infectious disease caused by different microbes (often streptococci), by which the tonsils are localized purulent lesions. Most often, the infection occurs through airborne droplets, though this infection is also quite possible to pick up and contact-household path through the dirty dishes, which the patient ate or drank. The peak incidence for purulent angina occurs in spring and autumn.


Purulent tonsillitis: Causes.

Often the main cause of the disease is hemolytic Streptococcus, though to call him and other bacteria, but also viruses and fungi. There are a huge number of factors that provoke the development of septic sore throat, and that is:

  1. immunosuppression;
  2. the foci of infection directly in the mouth (stomatitis, caries, etc.);
  3. hypothermia;
  4. Smoking;
  5. injury of the tonsils;
  6. the constant use of alcohol and the inhalation of polluted air.

2 There are ve forms of purulent tonsillitis:

  • Purulent lacunar tonsillitis. In this case, the tonsils are affected at the region of the gaps, and the process itself outside of the tonsils does not apply. Immediately upon examination revealed enlargement of the lacunae of the tonsils swelling and severe redness. On the tonsils is formed purulent fibrous plaque of yellow-white color. This Deposit can be easily removed, and in place of the “tubes” bleeding no trace remains;
  • Purulent follicular angina. This form is characterized by deep lesions lymphatic nodules (follicular unit) of the tonsils. They are bright red, swollen and exposed directly on the surface of the mucosa. In this case, when the spatula cannot easily remove purulent raids. In addition, purulent lesions can form abscesses, merging with each other.

General symptoms

the disease has similar symptoms as in children and adults. Often, patients complain of:

  • chills, headache, expressed weakness;
  • raising the temperature to 39 degrees and above;
  • soreness and increase of submandibular lymph nodes;
  • intense pain in the throat, aggravated by swallowing directly;
  • edema and hyperemia of the tonsils and the presence of purulent deposits in the form of a yellow-white “tubes” directly.

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