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Baby atopic dermatitis: symptoms, causes and treatment

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called Atopic dermatitis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease, which is caused by genetic predisposition of the child's body to various allergic reactions. In Russia, are often called diathesis, however, in terms nynishnie of medicine is not quite right. Let's take a closer look at this common childhood illness.



1-mi children's symptoms of atopic dermatitis are often rash. So, in skin folds, behind the ears, on the buttocks, under the arms appear redness that sometimes transformirovalsya in wet wounds. The skin on the cheeks becomes rough, scaly. On the eyebrows and scalp appear dairy crust. Often, the irritation starts on the face, and then goes to the body.

Usually these signs appear on the second or third month of baby's life and are amplified to the 2nd half of the year. However, the disease can develop later (somewhere in the age 1 - 4 years).



Often the cause of the disease has become allergic to certain foods. Also, atopic dermatitis can cause allergens that enter the child's body through the respiratory tract (particles of skin and dander, dry food for aquarium fish, house dust, insecticides, aerosol air fresheners).

In that case, if contact with allergen occurs very often, the baby's skin becomes more sensitive and permeable. It can be annoying: soap, washing powder, the particles of which remain on the child's clothing, the clothing itself, their own sweat, contact with certain fabrics, etc. And this, in turn, exacerbates inflammation of the skin. Because the affected by this disease the skin is constantly itchy, the child is able to scratch it, thereby raising to infection. That is why allergic inflammation can also join and bacterial.



in Order to improve the condition of the sick child, pediatricians often recommended to eliminate from his daily diet those foods that are considered to be most “allergenic”, namely: nuts, cocoa, chocolate, honey, eggs, strawberries, citrus. But Allergy is a purely individual phenomenon, and a particular child it may be caused by such food, which organisms are the majority of people do not react. That is why, in the case of Allergy symptoms should undergo allergological tests that will help pinpoint the cause.



in this disease the baby's skin smeared with special ointments, creams, lotions and “chatterbox”. The main objective of their use is the elimination of itching, reducing inflammation, moisturizing the skin and increase its protective properties.

it is Very important to reduce contact of the baby with allergens and, in the case of an allergic reaction to use antihistamines. In very severe cases, doctors prescribe the drug from the group of corticosteroids, including local (creams. ointments, etc.).

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