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Why we need orthopedic corsets?

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the Health of the spine directly affects the human health. As a result of its curvatures is able to develop such pathological processes, such as: fatigue, impaired peripheral circulation, chest deformity, etc.

in Order to avoid future deformation of the skeleton, the physicians are advised to wear a bandage for the back (he is an orthopedic corset to support the spine), which will reduce the load on the spine in General and the lumbar spine in particular. By the way, buy an orthopedic corset at affordable cost, you can in the online store .


in pathologies such as intervertebral herniation and aggravation of degenerative disc disease, orthopedic corset provides reliable fixation of the lumbar-sacral and thoracic spine, while maintaining their mobility.

the Main purpose orthopedic belt is:

  • support the spine in a physiologically correct position;
  • stabilization of the spine;
  • offload certain parts of the spine;
  • correction of deformity of the spine and posture in General.

Due to the fact that our ribs take some of the rigidity of static and dynamic stresses and the other part is transmitted to adjacent healthy areas of the orthopedic corset compensates the balance. During retraction, the Sacro-lumbar corset causes excessive intra-abdominal pressure, and directly through the diaphragm - vnutrigrudne excessive pressure, which in turn, provides the stabilizing and unloading effect.

Today, doctors would recommend you to buy lumbar corsets or bandages for the back, which have locking and warming effects at the same time.

Who needs orthopedic corset?

the Use of an orthopedic corset (belt) just need to those people whose activity is associated with a very long stress on the spine:

  • drivers,
  • office workers;
  • the porters;
  • athletes-weightlifters (during strength exercises orthopedic belt relieves the load of the spine, thereby it prevents the displacement of the disc and subluxation of the vertebrae) and so forth.


If during your work you feel pain in the back, then you better buy a Sacro-lumbar corset, the effect of its application can be felt already after 1 hour.

in addition, if you have problems with your spine, then in addition to orthopedic corsets and bandages you should pay your attention to your shoes - better to also possess orthopedic effect.

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