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Green tea: interesting facts

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Green tea is 1 of the most consumed drinks in the world. Its like in America, Europe, and Asia. He is one of the largest groups of tea. A huge number of varieties due to the use of different raw materials and different technologies for processing and storage of tea leaves. Also, the taste of this drink reflected the weather conditions from the region in which it grows and is harvested.

today, just a huge assortment of the drink can be seen in almost all the small food kiosks and major supermarkets. But the elite, high-quality varieties of green tea sold in specialized tea shops or online stores, for example: .


features of production

Green tea is the unfermented product. Tea in a special way dried and stored under special conditions, thereby virtually does not oxidize the juice that they contain. But still can not completely eliminate the fermentation process, because it starts with the collection of leaves directly from the tea bushes. Fermentation can only slow down. With this purpose, collected the tea leaves are heated, and then manually twist or shape them into briquettes.

by the Way, today, as a couple of centuries ago, green tea leaves are treated, and harvested by hand. This technique is gentle and max to this day, experts in the field of tea has not invented a better way of collecting it. In the tea leaves that were collected manually, retains all the minerals and vitamins that make this drink very tasty, but also useful.

Very often from green tea leaves and make original compositions. Such an exclusive “bouquets” you can apply as a exotic unusual gifts.

This green tea has a great taste and incomparable aroma.


Most popular varieties of green tea:


  • Bai Mao HOU;
  • the
  • Ku Ding;
  • Hua Shan Mao Feng;

    Liu an Gua Pan; the

  • l? Li Zhi;
  • the
  • Lui Mu Dan;
  • the
  • Lou Jing and other varieties.

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