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Nail fungus: 1st signs of the disease

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the Fungus is a parasite residing on the skin of a man can poison his life. And especially a lot of grief and hassle it brings a fungus that settled in the nails (onychomycosis) and skin of the feet. Women who are victim of such fungus in the 1st place trevozhit aesthetic side of the issue - yellow crumbly nails as well as flaky, cracking skin - but, as the doctors say, the aesthetic problem here is not basic. We are talking about a serious disease, after all, requires very long-term therapy.



Initially onychomycosis occurs on the skin of the foot (often in the interdigital folds), there is peeling between the toes, accompanied by itching, and burning. A little later there are bubbles that burst, thus forming cracks and sores. If it is not initiated immediate therapy, the fungus has already spread to the nails. Directly after being hit in the nail plate, the fungus continues to multiply and grow. Despite being slow, the fungus gradually takes nails and gradually fills them, and it is embedded in the nail bed itself. Some time later, the fungus grabs like nails on the lower extremities and hands. Sometimes even lose internal. bodies, thankfully, it happens very rarely.



Symptoms of nail fungus in locations of the feet depend on the variety, as well as the depth and extent of injury. Once on the nail plate, dermatophytes, often manifest as yellow spots or longitudinal bands on the sides of the nail. Sometimes on this disease you can guess by the appearance of bright yellow spots or bands in the center of the nail plate. In the location of the nails can also be "embellished" of the same bands, although more light - grayish or whitish tint.



They contribute to the thinning of the nail plate at the sides, it thus acquires a yellowish tint, and also behind the nail bed. Often this disease starts in the hands directly from the nail folds, which, in turn, turn red, swell and thicken, nail skin gradually disappears, and on the edge of the scales appear silvery in color. This process may also join and bacterial infection, in this case it is even possible abscess. Disturbed nutrition of the tissue in the location of the roller and as a result, there are transverse grooves.



They can cause onychomycosis only if you have an existing power failure of nails, which appeared as a consequence of other diseases. In this case, the color of the nail plate is also changed, it is brown, yellow, green, blue and even black, although the defeat of the nail itself, however, remains only superficial.

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