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Glass facades for kitchens

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Today, a fashionable topic in the decor of the kitchen are glass continuous facades in the wall. Next, we consider what methods to adorn .


types of decor

today, there are a huge number of glass facades in different styles. Such facades can be decorated with many different methods, moreover, you can even combine them. 1-or the techniques used since the 2nd appeared in the 21 St. Here's a couple of the most popular of them:

  • Stained glass. It's assembled from pieces that are painted in different colors. Stained glass art has its roots in the distant past. Unique kitchen with these facades are often made in a classic style;
  • Glass with decor fusing technique. This is 1 of the newest inventions. On a sheet of transparent glass is applied to the pieces of colored, and then this song put in the oven. In the end, it is possible to obtain a facade for the kitchen with the most unusual d?cor;
  • Matte. As a result of mechanical or chemical action matte (frosted) glass becomes rough. In the 1st case, the glass surface direct a jet of dry sand, and in the 2nd apply special. pastes that dissolve the top layer of material. Frosted glass is very beautiful, and care for him a lot easier than transparent;
  • Glass with sandblasted pattern. On the glass surface with jets of dry sand is applied to a certain pattern;
  • Glass engraving. Ornament, often floral or vegetable, put a laser or cut by hand. The engraved glass can be decorated, for example, the so-called “neo-classical cuisine” — is a modern interpretation of the traditional classic style.
  • Bent (melirovanie) glass. It is obtained by molding the glass mass is heated directly to the plastic state. This durable and expensive material make curved facades, corner and end cabinets;
  • Colored glass. This glass is covered with colored film or colored in the mass. It looks much more effective than clear glass, and partially hides the contents of the kitchen cabinets. This glass can be given almost any color.

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