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Addiction vs coding

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Until now the encoding of drug offered in the form of alternating different methods of fighting this kind of addiction. Now mainly used in psychiatric and pharmacological treatment, complement each other. Next, we take a closer look at these methods.


types of drug addicts encoding:


  • . Medications for the treatment of each individual case, the drug is selected individually for each patient. In this case matters even release form of the medication (solution for injections, capsules, tablets, etc.), which may also vary for each individual case. Sometimes in the course of complex therapy even require the use of gel implants, which in turn, as a rule, introduced into the area of the blade. These medicines support have min time – 30 days. There is also more prolonged form of blocker which can be used during medical coding – this is a special capsule, operating: 60 - 365 days. In practice, the widely used pills that you have to take each day and intravenous administration of blocking drugs;
  • Psychotherapeutic encoding. This type of coding of drug addicts is based, often, on the suggestion of using various types of hypnosis. This method of coding more gentle and simple, however its effectiveness can differ dramatically in the particular case of treatment narkozavisimosti. When the addict is easily suggestible, the encoding of hypnosis in this case could work perfectly well, and if the test for suggestibility has revealed that he is suggestible or bad, then its treatment would be more rational to use other kinds of psychotherapy, medication or physiotherapy techniques;

    physical therapy coding. This type of encoding is based on hardware effects directly on the CNS of the patient using: temperature, magnetic field, electric spec. pulses, laser radiation, etc., Now used as the radical methods of coding that are based on hyperthermia, as well as electroconvulsive and electroshock therapy, and gentle.

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