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Kefir diet: what is it?

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Kefir diet called 1 of the most common ways of losing weight. The huge popularity of this diet can be explained by the fact that a product like yogurt is ubiquitous, because its nice to use and very easy to acquire. With a characteristic sour taste, fragrant and thick yogurt is 1 of the favorite dairy products. Moreover, the benefits of the drink written these treatises, and that yogurt should be drunk at night, is known even to schoolchildren.

This drink is establishing microflora in the gut, helping to overcome the dysbiosis and also has beneficial effects on metabolic processes in the human body. In addition to useful properties, yogurt is an excellent taste, which is 1 of the main reasons for its widespread use in the fight against excess weight. Next, we take a closer look at what constitutes this diet and tell us about it, chief editor of the portal about weight loss .


What is kefir diet?

This diet is very ascetic way of getting rid of excess Vema. The essence of this loss diet is very simple: within 3-5 days you must eat purely one yogurt (up to 2 liters per day). Also, it is necessary to drink non-carbonated mineral water and herbal teas, not < 1.5 liters per day.

the Optimal duration of this diet is 3 days, however in normal health and in the case of great portability, you can continue the diet for another 2-VA day. But to apply this diet > 5 days is absolutely impossible, otherwise you can cause your body great harm.

Strictly following the kefir diet you can lose 3 - 6 pounds. But, like other mono, kefir diet also does not guarantee a long-lasting effect.

If you read the reviews about this diet, it can be concluded that this method of weight loss is good only as an emergency measure when you need to become more slender over a short period of time to a particular holiday or festive event. But if you don't upgrade to rational, sbalansirovannoe food, then after a while the extra pounds vozvratitsya to you again, and often with significant gains.



From this we can conclude that any diet is not a panacea for excess weight - like it or not to overcome the extra weight without a rational power, and sports TV is difficult!

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