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Sewerage system septic tank

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Septic tank - TSE element ndial canalside system, priznachena for the cleaning fee I (Oswin) stony waters. When robot, yakogo vykorystovuyutsia principle gratacasolo vaseyana I Bologna cleaning.

Canalside avla him hermetico mnst s segli the concrete, ABO saltatory kleci. So needless vzhe gotov plastikov, salsaton I Metelev, Canalsat septic tanks can pridbati the manufacturer of the ABO speculatory on the marketplace. TSI pokun prestre, nabagato to speed I to polegate, vestuvine canalside system.


the Principle of work of a septic tank

Mnst septic tank Mauger Buti Yak single-chamber, so I skladatelj s declich chambers, one ABO declick buildings. For raw s small spodivannya the water about 300 ltrv a day, you can use odnoimennyi septic tank. When blesome vicorian VOD, it should be staviti 2-3 Cameron septic tanks, for snejanna vidcast stony waters. Scho spria normal Viadana siege.


Fltrate kolodiaz ' s zagli

Vastaan I oven. septic tank propada in fltrate a well; or so Swan field flotrac.
Fltrate a well. TSE extreme element system avtonomno Sewerage, yaky iz vegetablesa saltatory kleci ABO cegli, also have sale , y gotov plastikov virobi.

This is a well avla him mnst without a bottom, the bottom castin aka znahoditsya open, that povinn, simati at least 10 percent from us PLoS mnost.

flotrac I polpenno vdodu water in the ground, so rabitsa titles Danny set a protective filter. I pillow W gravel pid well; in zalishany clearance mizh land I stunami of well sasipat gravel. The gap is guilty of stanoviti 10-20 cm.

According to budulinek standards, the lower part of the well flythrough guilty Buti on 1 meter wide of gruntovykh waters. It is assumed, that the water propagaci septic I filtrowi a well STU careless for navkolishn of seredovischa. Vestuvine such complex (septic tank + filtrowi kolodiaz'), duzhe oxirene I dealine practical for small dlanor.


Rozrahunkiv Ob my septic tank

Septic pdbase s rozrahunkiv tregenna normi, the usage of water from your box. Napriklad, yakscho VI skin day slive in Canalsat 500 ltrv stony water, minimalni Ob m septic tank guilty Buti 1500 ltrv, or 1.5 m3.


Fields flotrac

TSE knave element of a system of Sewerage, poslov Dani z z a septic tank, that predstavlja him pjemn a system of pipes Rosanna. That paladin or rune promerzanija the ground in the wintering period I obsidan filtrauto sums, s psku I gravel ABO him pldrouin warehouse. Tsya takozh system Yak I filtrowi a well; guilty znahoditsya wise Runa gruntowych of water by 1 meter.

Fltroot field , alternative flythrough krinizi, but more trucost in blastoven I simauto bike teritory. Tsya system in the main vykorystovuyutsia for the great samsika budynku I small cottage mstack, de area dlanor dozvola " rosmen.

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