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Lose weight without dieting: How to do it?

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All the people that want to lose excess "kg", have their own explanation of the fact why they are rapidly gaining excess weight and losing slowly. The disturbed metabolism, genetic predisposition, sedentary lifestyle, age, adoration “sweetie” and "fast food" and other nuances serve quite clear and reasonable justification. But in reality, in most cases, the main cause of weight gain is a violation of metabolism (if you don't include genetics).


What does this mean?

in Order to ensure proper functioning of all systems of our body needs energy and nutrients coming along with the food. And what is food? First of all, energy. It is necessary to consider the food is from this point of view. But uncontrolled consumption of food leads to what is the right set of nutrients - the man “sakerligen” your body excess amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats that they are just nowhere to go, except place in a layer of fat. Of all the dietary substances of the human organism selects only the most necessary, but the rest is “delays in reserve”. Next, we'll talk about dieting.


the Secret to losing weight without exhausting diets

All that person needs slozano was in his nature since his birth, just all that needs to be properly managed. But with age are accumulated and appear in habits of which man does not want or can not, be abandoned. The 1st of these is the habit of "eat out". Very difficult to refuse candy or cake just because they quite a lot of calories.

the Energy that a person receives from the food he consumes: cell repair, physical and mental activity, the functioning of their internal. bodies etc. But when we get more calories than our body uses, then we "get fat", and when less - lose weight.

Here is the answer to the above question: in Order to lose weight without dieting, the number of incoming in the body of calories should be less than potryasenij they calories per day.

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