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Endoprosthesis nazivaetsya operation to replace lost, for vsledstivedisease, cartilage and bones of the joint with artificial materials (endoprostheses). Endoprosthesis is monopolar - in this case, replacing the femoral head and neck of a metal prosthesis, and total - when necessary to replace the femoral head and the depression of the pelvic bone.
Involves the removal of diseased heads and sockets forshould be replaced with a prosthesis. Artificial joint consists of a ball and socket in which it rotates. In each case the selected type of prosthesis and method of installation - with cement or cementless fixation.

Prostheses first type is set using bone cement. Most often, this method is used in elderly patientsage vsilu weakness of bone tissue. In addition, this type of prosthesis fixation allows earlier to give the load on the operated limb.

The second type of prosthesis is preferred in young people. At this location on the pelvic bone cavities mounted metal cup, which has pores through which the braid integratesSupply Return tissue from the surrounding areas of bone.

Indications for total hip replacement may be the following:
- ankylosing spondylitis;
- progressive arthritis;
- osteoarthritis; < br /> - aseptic necrosis of the femoral head;
- pseudoarthrosis femoral neck;
- non-united fractures of the femoral neck.

The risks fussikayuschie during the operation:
- a possible blood clot;
- voiding dysfunction;
- infections of the skin or joint;
- bone fractures;
- limited mobility of the hip ;
- weakening at fixing the prosthesis;
- the development of cardiac arrhythmias;
- liver toxicity;
- Pneumonia.

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