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How to do push-ups?

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push-ups is one of the simplest ways to pump breast at home. Otzhimania, in fact, is an analogue of the bench press, only in reverse, as the work included the same muscles, as is well known bench press - a major exercise to develop the muscles of the chest and one of the 5 basic exercises for muscle growth at all.

Also, as in the case with the bar, push-ups, you can train different muscle bundles. Thus, when the headsand is located below the chest (using a footrest), you will be trained upper chest, and vice versa (when the head is higher than feet) - you will train the bottom of the chest.

How to correctly perform? Although otzhymayas floor you will not be able to fully apply the extra weight (as in the bench press), as it is simply inconvenient -the use of sophisticated variations combined with proper technique can significantly increase the breast.

It is very important that you do not practice every day, otherwise, your results will be negative. A week is enough 2 - 3 workout is enough, since muscles grow it in the recovery process, which requiresis up to 36 hours.

In order to properly do push-ups on the floor, you have to learn to feel your chest muscles. To do this: exactly stand up, press the front of the palm of one hand to his chest, then you need to take a hand slowly forward as if you have something to push away from him, at the same time try to strain the muscles of the chest. Repeating thesemovement, you feel like your chest muscles involved in the work. The other hand, you can put on the chest, then it will be easier to feel it. Then you can begin to slow Wrestling with his knees, and with full control over the pectoral muscles. Well, then you can proceed to a full otzhymaniyam and their variations.

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