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What to remember when buying an orthopedic mattress

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If you decide to purchase pruzhynny mattress, thenBetter to buy a mattress with the block of independent springs. In this Tipasa mattresses compression of all springs is separate, so under different parts of the body mattress sags in different ways. In some models, in order to more closely match the stiffness of different parts of the host body in different parts of the mattress springs are used to varying degrees be auto-tkosti. Per 1 sq. m should be at least 220 springs. (For the majority of independent blocks of approximately 250 standard springs).

If a block of independent springs put Coir 3 cm high - is to some extent reduce the effect of point work springs. If you still need the support point, then you need to pay attention Mr.and medium-hard and soft layers, for example latex (3 cm) + coir (1cm).

It is better to buy value their reputation, well-known manufacturers, as they guarantee the quality, although there are a bit more expensive. < br />
Pochnite it is very difficult to name an orthopedic mattress on the basis of a dependent spring block "Bonnel" also remember hthat anyone, even on the basis of a new mattress Bonnelly be preferable than the best of the old and sagging.

Among the springless very popular mattresses which are based on a block of artificial polyurethane or latex. But remember: mattresses with a higher density of the material, have greater durability and quality. This indicatorto direct and reflected on the price tag, so do not buy cheap mattresses of this type.

Very interesting mattresses made of new materials with memory effect. Insert a memory effect good lumbar support and creates the effect of viscosity. True, this effect is very specific, and not everyone will like.

Neverskimp on the mattress.

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