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Dental anesthesia (treatment in a dream)

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The Cure in a dream or a dental InfomationalLake differs from traditional medical. That's because the medications used in dentistry, referred to as hypnotics (drugs that the patient is immersed in a dream). Hypnotics are the safest drugs for anesthesia of all existing in the world today. They do not accumulate in the body, non-toxic, non-allergeniccal reactions and addiction is not contraindicated in patients suffering from serious illnesses such as: cerebral palsy, epilepsy, kidney damage and liver, heart defects. Dental anesthesia is very effective and easy to manage. Dentists around the world treat « in a dream » even children. Moreover the younger your child is, the more the showtions to dental anesthesia he has. Such treatment is indispensable in childhood, and sometimes - with long-term treatment or removal of the complex, it is recommended even for children of primary school. For example, specialists Dental Center « Alpha clinics & raquo ;, which for many years has engaged under anesthesia - ascertain fullth security, high efficiency and ease of operation of the procedure.

Features dental anesthesia

The effectiveness of dental anesthesia is absolutely not inferior to the traditional. The patient feels absolutely nothing during aamogo treatment, can not hear the noise of the drill, saw no medical instruments does not feel the pressure, vibration, and does not remember anything after the operation.

Although the use of anesthesia, there is a certain risk, but if you strictly adhere to all the doctor's recommendations and precautions, this procedure will be absolutelysafe. In the advanced dentistry (for example, in the US) of children under 7 years are treated only under anesthesia or sedation.

The patient very gently falls asleep and wakes up easily. In order to bring the patient out of « & raquo ;, sleep enough simply to increase the supply of oxygen, and after 10-15 min. regenerating the patient fully his reflexes. And after 60-90 minutes, after a comfortable recuperation in the room to rest, often the patient is ready to go home.

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