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How do you know whether your order in the semen analysis?

September 30 2014

Male Infertility – realthe scourge of our time. Every year, a disappointing verdict doctors hears every fourth representative of the stronger sex. In this case, the doctors find it difficult to name only true cause of this disease. It – a complex of factors: poor diet, stress, racket, the presence of pathologies. But the main factor that should have nastorozhit, reduced activity of sperm. That it indicates that you are at risk. How to determine whether your readings normal?

Today – in the public domain. You can read the analysis of semen on any specialized resources, as well as learn the most favorable condOvia to obtain accurate data.

Doctors recommend before taking the analysis to abstain from ejaculation for 2-7 days, that the admission of alcohol, sleeping pills, sedatives during this time, as well as to postpone the visit to the baths and saunas. < / p>

By the way, at the date analIza medics have clear requirements. The analysis should be carried out in the laboratory. However, if the patient feels extremely uncomfortable and uncomfortable, it can collect material for analysis at home. But immediately after receiving the results they need to deliver the analysis to the laboratory within an hour, otherwise the indicator is calculated on pointny result, you simply not worth it.

Another factor that should take into account patients – the number of surrendered analysis. The larger the volume, the lower the concentration of spermatozoa. But take a first analysis of how the verdict is not necessary. Poveda reanalysis of two weeks. During this time, your body will have time to Vossthanes. If doctors again will fix deviations from the norm, then you will have a chance to be concerned. But if all parameters are correct, then the reasons for the experience simply does not.

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