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Why does not the microwave oven

October 04 2014

microwave oven during operation may encounter the following problems:it can work, but not warm, heat is not bad either warm and buzzing. The question arises as to produce? Let us consider separately all of these situations.

Microwave works but does not heat
Tags: plate spinning, there is light, grill microwave oven works but does not heat. Often the problem in the magnetron alsothe reason may be the fault of the transformer, capacitor, high voltage fuse. you can try to resolve this problem yourself, unless of course you have the necessary knowledge in the field of electronics. If you do not have mistaken in electronics, then it is better to contact the service center.

Exand launch a microwave oven Check the supply voltage to the primary winding of the high voltage transformer, if the voltage is applied, then Check the reliability of contacts on the high voltage side (diode, capacitor, transformer, magnetron), well, if the contacts are normal, then you need to replace the defective magnetron, perhaps it makes sense replace also high-voltage diode.

microwave oven does not heat or heats very bad
Check power supply and if it is dropped, then turn off and turn on the microwave her again after normalization of stress, if the voltage is normal, then you need to change megnetron.

Microwave stopped warmingand buzzing
Check the high voltage fuse if it is blown Check the capacitor and another diode (capacitor tester to check the charge-discharge, and diode me at once because it is very difficult to check), if capacitor and diode work on Check the magnetron, its conclusions and the coupling capacitor should not staronitsya with the body of the magnetron, and if they call - it svidetilstvuet that punched-through capacitor.

Lastly, I would like to say that the microwave oven is one of the most dangerous appliances that can affect its owner's electric current, even when the microwave oven is unplugged. If you arenot a professional in the field of electronics, repair microwave seek by qualified, independent activity with a high degree of probability can be hazardous to your health and life in general.

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